Orville designer sketch LE FLOW PARIS

Created by children of the nineties who grew up with basketball and sneaker culture, LE FLOW brings the sportswear feel to its footwear concept.

Put them on and experience an incredible level of confort, even on formal-wear series.


We collaborate with an Italian footwear studio and a highly innovative sole factory that can work with the lightest rubber material, called EVA.

Weighting less than 30 grams (1oz) per sole, your Le Flow won't only be unique, they'll also be extremely wearable because of their lightness.

Because shoes are made to lift you from the ground.


Kiefer Optic detail LE FLOW PARIS

We have partnered with some of the world's most renowned tanneries in France and Italy.

Our expert factory allows us to bring our vision to life through materials such as elastic lamb’s leather, laser strip-cut calfskin or dyed nappa.

For a true luxury feeling at every step you take.

Our EVA rubber sole and interior leather cushioning create a unique walking sensation.
You will believe you can fly, follow you Flow.