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Orville designer sketch LE FLOW PARIS

As children of the nineties, that grew with the sneaker culture, the basketball culture, one key element of LE FLOW Paris is to bring the sportswear feel to its footwear concept. To do so, the french label collaborates with an italian footwear atelier to develop its own personal sole and works with a highly innovative sole factory that can work the lightest rubber material that is EVA.


Kiefer Optic detail LE FLOW PARIS

Thanks to the partnership with some of the most renown tanneries and our expert factory; LE FLOW Paris manages to develop its unique vision through materials, accessories such as printed elastic lamb leather or laser cut striped calf skins, tainted nappa.

The EVA rubber sole associated with the leather inside cushing gives a unique walking feeling. It will make you believe that you can fly