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Unique Soles Paint Injected Rubber ⎜ LE FLOW ParisInspired by the paintings of Akihito Takuma, LE FLOW Paris has developed a special technique of paint injection into the rubber of the soles.

The paint injected comes out randomly into the soles making each shoe unique.

The paint injection has grown to become a brand signature and a way to recognize LE FLOW Paris products.

The uniqueness of each shoe makes LE FLOW so special.



Orville designer sketch LE FLOW PARIS

As children of the nineties, that grew with the sneaker culture, the basketball culture, one key element of LE FLOW Paris is to bring the sportswear feel to its footwear concept. To do so, the french label collaborates with an italian footwear atelier to develop its own personal sole and works with a highly innovative sole factory that can work the lightest rubber material that is EVA.


Kiefer Optic detail LE FLOW PARIS

Thanks to the partnership with some of the most renown tanneries and our expert factory; LE FLOW Paris manages to develop its unique vision through materials, accessories such as printed elastic lamb leather or laser cut striped calf skins, tainted nappa.

The EVA rubber sole associated with the leather inside cushing gives a unique walking feeling. It will make you believe that you can fly


Since his young age, Lionel Le Floch is fascinated by the vibrating universe of basketball. With his own real-life experience on the playgrounds, he merges and is inspired by this world and by his dynamics by becoming soaked with his codes and peculiarities. His influences are multiple : hip hop, jazz, the painter Akihito Takuma, the photographer Kevin Couliau rings as references for him.

His experiences in the world of footwear are numerous : he counts among his collaborations the bottier Berluti and the house Givenchy. So many identities which underline the uniqueness of the microcosm of LE FLOW Paris. It is in this highly cultural environment that Lionel gets acquainted in the beauty of leather craftsmanship and the excellence with which requires the luxury. This will directly inspire the first shoes collection “Cold wave”.

The maturity of the artistic and intellectual progress blooms in 2016 with the launch of LE FLOW Paris, always in search for balance between sportswear and art.

LE FLOW Paris use traditional manufacturing. Leathers are selected in the most qualitative French and Italian tanneries, and inside footwear lining is in calf skin. The injected paint propagates in the rubber randomly bringing poetry to its ultra light technical sole making each shoe unique.

Words by Ugo Le Voyer, TTT Magazine

our designer LE FLOW PARISLionel, creator and designer of the brand LE FLOW PARIS