Lionel Le Floch

From a young age, Lionel Le Floch is fascinated by the vibrant culture around basketball. Using his own experience on the courts, he immerses himself in its specific codes and singularities and is inspired by its dynamism.

Lionel’s influences are varied: hip hop, jazz, the painter Akihito Takuma and the photographer Kevin Couliau are some of his references. As a footwear designer, Lionel collaborates with numerous houses including the luxury shoemaker Berluti and fashion house Givenchy. These strong identities contribute to the unique DNA of LE FLOW Paris. It is also in this colourful environment with its rich culture that Lionel gets acquainted with the beauty of artisanal leather craftsmanship and the excellence required to create real luxury. This will directly inspire the “Cold Wave” collection.

Lionel’s artistic and intellectual process blossoms into maturity in 2016 with the launch of LE FLOW Paris, always searching for the balance between sportswear and art.

LE FLOW Paris uses traditional manufacturing. Leathers are selected from the highest-quality French and Italian tanneries; all footwear features calfskin lining. Exclusively developed by LE FLOW Paris, the process of injecting ultra light technical soles with paint during rubber molding makes each shoe a unique example of random poetry.

Words by Ugo Le Voyer, TTT Magazine