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LE FLOW PARIS is a designer shoe brand whose goal is to be a bridge between technical sportswear innovation and high quality craftsmanship with poetry and refinement.

Le Flow’s universe is truly inspired by art, textures, poetry, the street, music and basketball.

We can name some references such as urban poet Genesis The Grey Kid, the painter Akihito Takuma or photographer Kevin Couliau.

The aesthetic of the brand is dark, poetic, textured but bright and always with a touch of grey.

Innovation is present as much as style wise as it is by technical making and materials used (EVA rubber sole, innovative elastic calf…) The ambition of the brand is to always push the enveloppe in design and technology.

The traditionnal shoe making was a no brainer for the brand. The leathers are selected from the most beautiful tanneries in Italie, France. The lining is in veal to have the best comfort.

The production is made in Portugal with the highest qualitative standards and ethical condions irreproachable.